Use Glass Spice Jars to Make Your Own Homemade Spices and Herbs

Making your own homemade herbs, spices, and mixes is a fun hobby that is also healthier than purchasing them prepackaged in glass spice jars from your local grocery stores. The next time you are grocery shopping, make a trip down the baking aisle and take a look at the ingredient labels of your favorite herbs and spices. You might see ingredients like MSG, anti-clumping ingredients, various oils, and other artificial ingredients. Rather than continue to use herbs and spices with unwanted additives, it is better to go over the fresh produce section, findĀ  fresh herbs and spices, and make your own at home.

If you are unable to locate fresh spices and herbs at your local grocery store, you will need to locate a whole-food, health, or other similar store featuring all natural foods, including fresh herbs and spices. Some spices and herbs may also be purchased in bulk from vendors, saving you more money. In addition, you can find suppliers online. If you are unsure of an online retailer, you might only want to order a few items in your first order and see how quickly they arrive and in what condition. Once you have confidence in the supplier, then you are able to place orders for larger quantities. Besides obtaining your fresh herbs and spices, you need glass spice jars, measuring spoons, lids, and a set of recipes to create your own herb and spice blends.