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A Fun Art Project for Your Students Requires Glass Message Bottles

Because children have different interests, coming up with fun and creative things for your students to do can be challenging. Some might like using their hands, while others prefer to sit and read a book. Then there are other kids that like a little bit of everything, so they are fine, as long as activities change on a regular basis. One activity that is fun and stimulating to all of your students, since it includes several layers and elements, is to use glass message bottles.

Glass message bottles can be used for a wide range of purposes. You should give each of your students their own bottle and tell them to decide what kind of finished item they want to make. They could create a pirate treasure map, roll it up and seal it in the bottle. They may want to fill the bottle with sand, sea shells and some water to remember their summer vacation to the beach. Other children might want to glue different types of paper or drawings to the outside of the bottle and make a flower vase or candle holder.

The possibilities are endless, because children have active imaginations, so it will also be fun for you and their parents to see what they decide on making. Additionally, you should make sure they have access to a variety of crafting materials and items, like crayons, glue, glitter, beads, paper, yarn, twine, sand, and paint. You can look around your home, as well as ask your students to bring in supplies to help add to the available materials for creating their finished bottles.