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Start Your Own Business by Bottling Your Sauce or Marinade in Large Glass Jars

You may have your own secret recipe for a BBQ sauce or marinade that everyone enjoys. Your friends and relatives might have commented you should consider bottling and selling it. You could decide you want to explore this further and see if there is any money to be made by starting your own business. To find out, you need to obtain all of the ingredients, supplies, and materials required for a single batch of your sauce or marinade. Remember to include large glass jars or bottles on your list, as well as labels.

The style of large glass jars or bottles you select can be a standard design for your initial batch. After you receive your jars or bottles, you should wash them in soapy water and rinse them off. Next, sterilize them in a large pot, starting off with cold water, and by heating over a cooktop and bringing to a boil for at least five minutes.  Sterilization will remove any bacteria left after you have washed them and will make them safe. Allow them to return to normal room temperature after removing them from the boiling water.

While the large glass jars or bottles are cooling down, you can make your BBQ sauce or marinade. By the time you finish, the jars should be ready to fill. All that is left to do is seal the jars using a matching lid or cap, and put your labels on the outside. Now you are ready to sell your initial batch to your friends and relatives. If it is successful, your next step is to obtain a business license and launch your new operation.