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Steam Sterilizing Square Glass Jars in Your Microwave

Did you know you can steam sterilize square glass jars easily at home in your microwave? Not many people may realize this, or they might think special chemicals or equipment are required to complete the process. In fact, this procedure could be used on any glass container, jar, baby bottle, salad carafe, or any other glass items you have in the house that you want to sterilize. The steam reaches high enough temperatures to kill bacteria and sterilize the jars.

All that is required is a large microwave safe dish with a steam tray insert and lid. It is recommended you first wash and rinse the square glass jars, using dish soap and warm water, regardless of whether you just purchased them or are reusing them, to remove any leftover food particles, dust, or other such deposits. After the jars are rinsed off, you can place them directly into the steam insert. Fill the bottom of the dish with about an inch of water, while making sure it does not touch the bottom of the insert. Place the lid on top over the jars and place the dish into the microwave. The lid should be able to close without any restrictions.

The amount of time needed to steam sterilize your square glass jars in the microwave does vary, from model to model. Start by setting the time to 5 minutes on high power for the first cycle. At the end of this cycle the water has to be boiling, and steam should be rising through the insert. If not, add a few more minutes until you reach this stage. Once you can see the steam, set the microwave to run for another 5 minute cycle on 60 percent power to complete the sterilization process, as the water only has to maintain a simmer to keep creating steam. At the end of the cycle, leave the jars in the oven for another five minutes before removing. Allow the jars to completely cool to a safe temperature in the dish before handling.

One Place Where You Can Buy Glass Bottles in Bulk Is Online

One Place Where You Can Buy Glass Bottles in Bulk Is Online

Any time you are looking into buying glass bottles in bulk, there are different places where you might find them. You could look at your local retail crafts store or kitchen supply store. Sometimes these places will carry glass bottles. Just make sure to take along a calculator, so you can figure out the price per bottle when they are selling them by the case. Take the cost of the case and divide it by the number of bottles to find out how much it is per bottle. For example, if the cost is $18 and there are 12 bottles in the case, the cost per bottle is $1.50 each. Also remember, some places may still charge you per bottle, even if you are purchasing them by the case.

Another place where you can buy glass bottles in bulk is online. Often the costs are less than your local retail stores, because online retailers do not have all of the added overhead costs of operating a physical location. Just remember to read the description of the bottles you want to buy, as this will tell you whether they are being sold by the case or individually.

In addition, under the current laws, depending from where the bottles are shipped you may not be charged any sales tax, when the location is out of state, which saves you a little bit of money to offset shipping costs. Some retailers might give you discounted or free shipping if you order a specific quantity of bottles. It never hurts to ask, especially if you are placing a large order.

Stop Paying for Water by Using Glass Bottles

If you spend money on purchasing water in plastic bottles from your local store, you are wasting money. You can make your own purified water at home right from your tap, using a simple process, and then store the water in glass water bottles. Glass is able to be reused numerous times and does not leach out harmful chemicals, like plastic bottles, when they are rinsed out and reused over a long period of time.

All you need is a stock of glass water bottles, like those available from our online store, here at Online Bottles. After you receive your bottles, you should wash them either in your dishwasher, or by hand, prior to filling them with water. Next, fill a large pot or Dutch oven with water from your tap. Place the pot on your cooktop and bring it to a rolling boil. Allow the water to boil for at least five minutes to kill any bacteria and remove any impurities in the water. Turn the cooktop off, put a lid on the pot, and allow the water to cool to room temperature.

Once the water has cooled, transfer it from the pot into your glass water bottles and put a lid on each one. The bottles can be stored at room temperature or placed inside your refrigerator, if you prefer cold water. Any time you need to refill the bottles, repeat the same process. By bottling your own water at home from your tap, you will have extra money left over, since you are no longer wasting it on buying plastic water bottles from your local store.

Uses for Glass Bottles Obtained at Wholesale for Special Events

Uses for Glass Bottles Obtained at Wholesale for Special Events

Any time you are planning a special event, you want to make it fun and enjoyable, not only for the celebrants, but also the guests. There are several types of things you can do to get everyone involved in the celebration, whether it is a wedding, graduation, or birthday. One unique and fun idea is to use glass bottles you purchased wholesale for sending invitations or for playing various games at the event.

For example, you could put treasure maps for a scavenger hunt inside each bottle for a child’s birthday party. All of the guests have to use the map to find the items on their lists and turn them in to receive a special prize. For weddings, the glass bottles may be used to send out your invitations, for instance, if you were planning a beach-side celebration. Guests can collect some sand from the beach in their bottle. An alternative use would be to put the bottles on the table at the rehearsal dinner with little notes inside with questions to ask the bride and the groom.

Besides using the glass bottles you obtained wholesale for games and invitations, you could use them as part of the centerpieces on the tables. For instance, with a beach-themed wedding or birthday party, put sand into the bottom of each bottle, put a few small seashells on top of the sand, and fill it with water. You may add a few drops of blue or green food coloring to the water to make it look like the water found in the ocean. Instead of putting a lid on the bottle, you can place a candle on top of each one, and then surround the base with palm leaves or other tropical plants.

Start Your Own Business by Bottling Your Sauce or Marinade in Large Glass Jars

You may have your own secret recipe for a BBQ sauce or marinade that everyone enjoys. Your friends and relatives might have commented you should consider bottling and selling it. You could decide you want to explore this further and see if there is any money to be made by starting your own business. To find out, you need to obtain all of the ingredients, supplies, and materials required for a single batch of your sauce or marinade. Remember to include large glass jars or bottles on your list, as well as labels.

The style of large glass jars or bottles you select can be a standard design for your initial batch. After you receive your jars or bottles, you should wash them in soapy water and rinse them off. Next, sterilize them in a large pot, starting off with cold water, and by heating over a cooktop and bringing to a boil for at least five minutes.  Sterilization will remove any bacteria left after you have washed them and will make them safe. Allow them to return to normal room temperature after removing them from the boiling water.

While the large glass jars or bottles are cooling down, you can make your BBQ sauce or marinade. By the time you finish, the jars should be ready to fill. All that is left to do is seal the jars using a matching lid or cap, and put your labels on the outside. Now you are ready to sell your initial batch to your friends and relatives. If it is successful, your next step is to obtain a business license and launch your new operation.

Save Money on Glass Jars by Finding Wholesale Suppliers

Save Money on Glass Jars by Finding Wholesale Suppliers

Storing herbs, spices, liquids, and other types of dry goods in glass jars helps ensure their quality does not deteriorate over time. Further, glass is a non-reactive substance, which means it does not react with the kinds of items you place in the jars. As a result, you do not have to worry about your favorite spice rubs, herb mixes, or salad dressings only lasting a short period of time, if the jars are properly sealed.

Obtaining all of the glass jars you require for your home or restaurant at affordable prices is possible by shopping around for wholesale prices. Wholesale suppliers have eliminated all of the secondary handlers and other middlemen who add a small markup on top of their costs and pass all of these along directly to consumers. In some cases, by the time you purchase the jars through traditional channels, their initial price could easily have doubled from the time they left the manufacturer.

Would you prefer spending money paying full retail, or be able to afford twice the amount of jars at wholesale? Purchasing your glass jars at wholesale saves you money and leaves you with extra money to invest elsewhere. If the supplier is also the manufacturer, or a factory-direct authorized distributor, they typically only place a small markup to cover production costs and pass all additional savings directly along to their customers. Additionally, many suppliers provide access to other types of products at wholesale, such as glass bottles, glass vials, lids, and caps, so you can obtain all of your items from a single supplier.

Use Glass Spice Jars to Make Your Own Homemade Spices and Herbs

Making your own homemade herbs, spices, and mixes is a fun hobby that is also healthier than purchasing them prepackaged in glass spice jars from your local grocery stores. The next time you are grocery shopping, make a trip down the baking aisle and take a look at the ingredient labels of your favorite herbs and spices. You might see ingredients like MSG, anti-clumping ingredients, various oils, and other artificial ingredients. Rather than continue to use herbs and spices with unwanted additives, it is better to go over the fresh produce section, find  fresh herbs and spices, and make your own at home.

If you are unable to locate fresh spices and herbs at your local grocery store, you will need to locate a whole-food, health, or other similar store featuring all natural foods, including fresh herbs and spices. Some spices and herbs may also be purchased in bulk from vendors, saving you more money. In addition, you can find suppliers online. If you are unsure of an online retailer, you might only want to order a few items in your first order and see how quickly they arrive and in what condition. Once you have confidence in the supplier, then you are able to place orders for larger quantities. Besides obtaining your fresh herbs and spices, you need glass spice jars, measuring spoons, lids, and a set of recipes to create your own herb and spice blends.

How to Sterilize Woozy Bottles Prior to Filling Them

How to Sterilize Woozy Bottles Prior to Filling Them

Packing your own sauces, marinades, and salad dressings requires having the right types of equipment and supplies. It does not matter whether you are a home cook, professional chef, hobbyist, or somewhere in between. Luckily, you are able to find woozy bottles in several different sizes, ranging from 5 ounces to 10 ounces. These bottles are designed with long necks and straight edges, with a smooth surface on the body of the bottle on which to apply labels.

Woozy bottles are made from glass, so they can be heated and sterilized without any risk to the bottle. Sterilizing the bottles prior to filling them removes dirt, debris, dust, and kills bacteria. This process is not that complex, nor does it take very long. The most common method is to wash and rinse the bottles, inside and out, using warm water and dish soap to remove dust, dirt, and other deposits.

Once the bottles are clean, they are placed into a large pot with a lid. Arrange your bottles in the pot so they fit, and fill the pot with water, so it comes about 1 inch above the bottles. Cover the pot with the lid, put it on the cooktop, turn the burner on high and bring the water to a boil. If you forget to add bottles prior to heating the water, do not add them, as they could break.

Start timing to ensure the bottles boil for 5 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and take off the lid. Allow the water to cool down a bit before carefully removing the bottles and placing them on a clean dishtowel to fully dry. Never run boiled bottles under cold water to cool them, as they could break. You can repeat this process until all of your bottles are sterilized and ready for filling with your favorite sauces, salad dressings, and marinades.

A Fun Art Project for Your Students Requires Glass Message Bottles

Because children have different interests, coming up with fun and creative things for your students to do can be challenging. Some might like using their hands, while others prefer to sit and read a book. Then there are other kids that like a little bit of everything, so they are fine, as long as activities change on a regular basis. One activity that is fun and stimulating to all of your students, since it includes several layers and elements, is to use glass message bottles.

Glass message bottles can be used for a wide range of purposes. You should give each of your students their own bottle and tell them to decide what kind of finished item they want to make. They could create a pirate treasure map, roll it up and seal it in the bottle. They may want to fill the bottle with sand, sea shells and some water to remember their summer vacation to the beach. Other children might want to glue different types of paper or drawings to the outside of the bottle and make a flower vase or candle holder.

The possibilities are endless, because children have active imaginations, so it will also be fun for you and their parents to see what they decide on making. Additionally, you should make sure they have access to a variety of crafting materials and items, like crayons, glue, glitter, beads, paper, yarn, twine, sand, and paint. You can look around your home, as well as ask your students to bring in supplies to help add to the available materials for creating their finished bottles.

Use a Glass Bottle to Make Your Own Beverages and Save Money

Use a Glass Bottle to Make Your Own Beverages and Save Money

There are various things you can do to cut down on your monthly grocery expenses, such as bottling your own beverages at home. How you save money is by buying all of your ingredients and supplies in bulk. When you purchase a larger number of items at the same time, many places give you a discount, compared to buying them one at a time. For example, a glass bottle might cost $2, if you bought them individually. However, if you order bottles by the half case or full case, the price per bottle typically drops, like with our 375 mL wine bottles. The cost per bottle for a half case is currently $1.09 each.

Another benefit to making your own homemade beverages yourself is being able to choose the types of ingredients you want to use. You can decide to make all natural fruit juices for the kids. You are able to control the taste, texture, and smell of any beer and wine you want to create. In addition, you could make juice concentrate and mix this with soda water in a glass bottle to make your own soft drinks.

Bottling your own beverages is just one way to save money on your groceries. You could also use the glass bottles to store any kinds of homemade sauces you like making, as well as salad dressings. In addition, smaller types of bottles are ideal for storing fresh herbs, seasonings, and spices you might make from the plants growing in your own garden.